West of Dargaul and south of Montega, Alaria is a magiocracy ruled by the Council of Archmages who are largely uninvolved in the daily lives of their citizens.

When the Cathian Empire spread to its height, a powerful wizard named Archidemus sought to escape the wrath of the emperor, Carish the Great. He did so, bringing with him two dozen students and crossing the Ragnar Mountains. These refugees learned much from Archidemus and from the elves who they met in their new home. A group of elves broke away from Feylorn and helped the humans, becoming the Scarlet Elves.

While the kingdom is a magiocracy, there are rumors that it's secretly ruled by a coven of liches called the Third Secret, or that Archidemus himself is a lich and rules over the mysterious nation.

Alaria is a dark land clad in mist, visited on occasion by those seeking the secrets of the lich. It is closely allied with the Realms of Sothis through trade, though the Baridorians have no direct rule of it.

Government: Magiocracy
Populace: Human 77%, Scarlet Elves 16%, Other 7%
National Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: None
Capital: Kazendia
Major Cities:
Climate & Terrain: Temperate forest, hill, and mountain with some urban
Primary Languages: Cathian
Demonym: Alarian, Faerie, Asheri, Eldritch

Points of Interest: Direwood Forest, Ridgehaven, Castle Moorcrest
Unusual Flora:
Unusual Fauna:
Notable People:

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