Aurias is a human sorcerer, warlock, and wizard from Montega of Marianite descent. He was born Aurias Mercer, the son Orel and Noreen Mercer, merchants of fabrics who had moved to Dragon's Dale from Rockport when Aurias was young. Aurias was scrawny, pale, and far too intelligent to ever quite fit in, and strange things happened when he was around. His only friend was Melody Nalkai, but his feelings ran more deeply than hers. Torem Valeman had always tormented Aurias, but when Melody and Melody fell into young love, his cruelty intensified.

One night, after being brutally beaten by Torem, Aurias ran through the forest, afraid for his life. Lost in the woods, he came upon a forgotten relic—an idol of the Faceless One, a fiend worshipped by a forgotten cult. The Faceless One offered Aurias power to protect himself and exact revenge if he would enter a pact.

When Torem found Aurias, Melody was on his heels, begging him to let Aurias alone. The brutal murder of Torem was witnessed only by Aurias and Melody—Aurias who fled from Dragon's Dale and Melody who never spoke again.

Aurias escaped south to Alaria where he studied magic in hopes of freeing himself from the Faceless One. He learned that the strange happenings of his childhood could largely be explained by his own innate magic. He learned through vast amounts of study that the answers he sought weren't to be found in the libraries of the Alarian wizards, so he traveled to Dargaul to study with the Way of the Wyrm. He became the apprentice of Nal'Teroth, advisor of the Dark Lord of Bloodoath. But still, he didn't find the freedom he yearned for.

Born: Eldritch 15th, 502


pale, white, tincture or silver metal, archaic, silvery or white, money, covered or tinged with silvery color. [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin argentum, silver; see arg- in Indo-European roots. c.1485, "quicksilver," from M.Fr. argent, from O.Fr., from L. argentum "silver, white money," from PIE *arg-ent- (cf. Avestan erezata-, O.Pers. ardata-, Armenian arcat, O.Ir. argat, Breton arc'hant "silver"), from base *arg- "to shine, white," thus "the shining or white metal, silver" (cf. Gk. argos "white," arguron "silver;" Skt. arjuna- "white, shining," rajata- "silver," Hittite harki- "white").]

arise: to get up from sitting, lying or kneeling, awaken, move upward, come into being, to result or proceed, spring or issue, originate, take form or shape, result, take part in a rebellion. [Origin: bef. 900; ME arisen, OE a-ri-san; c. Goth ur-reisan. See a-3, rise] [Middle English arisen, from Old English a-ri-san : a—, intensive pref. + ri-san, to rise; see rise.] O.E. arisan (cognate with O.S. arisan, Goth. urreisan), from a- (1) "of" + rise (q.v.). Mostly replaced by rise except in ref. to circumstances.

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