Azaleana-Thiss'Alis, Lady of Yore of the House Oakenfall, is a twilight elf bard from the Forest of Dreams. She has long disdained the mortals and her elven kin who pamper them.

Azalea is the Keeper of the Elysian Diadem, a relic of the Elves from the Dwan of the First Age.

Born: Greenbirth 12th, 271


any of numerous shrubs belonging to a particular group of the genus rhododendron of the heath family, comprising species with handsome flower clusters of various colors. [Origin: 1750–60; < NL < Gk azaléa, n. use of fem. of azaléos dry; so named because it grows in dry soil] [Greek azalea-, from feminine of azaleos, dry (so called because it grows in dry soil or from the texture of its wood); see as- in Indo-European roots.] 1753, coined by Linnaeus from the fem. of Gk. azaleos "dry." The plant thrives in sandy soil.

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