Established by the family of Sothis and the Marianites, Baridor governs Galdor, Velderia, Montega, and Nordania. It's the largest region and rests in the south-east of the Realms of Sothis.

Government: Monarchy
Populace: Human 90%, Hill Dwarf 5%, Other 5%
National Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliation: Realms of Sothis
Capital: Baridor on High
Major Cities: Great Crossing, Rockport, Sal'Dier
Climate & Terrain: Temperate grassland and hill with some desert, forest, mountain, swamp, and urban
Primary Languages: Cathian
Demonym: Baridorian

Points of Interest: Marikayne's Tower, Ashren's Tower, Castle Valor, Timber Road, Valor Road, Orchard Hills, Riverside
Unusual Flora:
Unusual Fauna:
Notable People:

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