Dark Lord Bloodoath

The Dark Lord of Bloodoath, Haegon VII, is a human paladin of the Oath of the Dragon King. He is an evil man, but he holds honor and duty as crucial to survival. He is the father of Raine Bloodoath. When the coupe of the Dragon King against King Veronaen was obvious he sided with the Daeroth out of necessity, but in secret rescued Price Baenon and concealed his survival, even producing a body.

In his youth, Darken, as he was known, traveled north to learn the ways of his enemies. He was successful in that, but also made friends among the Baridorians and Montegans before returning home after receiving word of his father's failing health.

His friend, Lord Blacklance, was aware of his disagreement, but not of his actions.

After the coupe, his daughter fled Dargaul in secret with Kalen Blacklance II and Aurias, the apprentice of his advisor Nal'Teroth.

Born: Sunfester 30th, 471

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