Coranis is a sylvan elf fighter and a member of the Emerald Court of the Waking Woods. He loves the mortal world and the humans who live there. At an early age, he helped to defend his home from agents of the Dragon King and learned the value of Men. His grandfather was with Barid when he slew Pyre.

He has made many friends along the mortals, the closest being Gilden Dracos the Alarian wizard, and Inconicus Galley, the Baridorian knight. But he has also found a stirring closeness to Sarai, the daughter of the Sylian of the Way. He is driven by the desire to do right, to do good, to be heroic, having much in common with his friend Raven Palemoon.

Coranis undertook a quest to help Azaleana-Thiss'Alis, Lady of Yore of the House Oakenfall, in her search for the Ethereal Diadem. he was displeased that the acceptance of this quest meant leaving behind his mortal friends.

Born: Bloomsplendor 20th, 402


French form of Roman Quirinus, meaning "men together." an ancient Roman god of war, identified with the deified Romulus; a personification of the Roman nation.

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