Raised in an orphanage, Evenn was a rapscallion - a thief and a vagabond who made his way in the world with wit and trickery. He generally had a good time at life and didn’t mind swindling the heck out of people to get what he wanted. He made his way to __, where he stole from a woman who turned out to be a dragon. She kept him there to repay his dept, and during the time that they spent together they fell in love. Married. He settled down. One day while he was out (hunting?) he returned to find her dying. It was then that she told him of the call of the DragonKing and gave him the gift - invulnerability to dragonsfire (he didn’t realize this at the time), with her dying breath. Devastated, Even drank his way down the west side of the Santrock mountains, returning to his vagabond lifestyle, a broken man, stinking of drink and completely lost. It was in a bar there that he first ran into Slate and Medlin, in a fight, and the two have stuck with him since, though he obviously has had no purpose, he is a fantastic fighter when he can crawl out of his own misery long enough. He has begun to feel a renewed sense of purpose in the time since he came to Dragonsdale, after saving that little girl from the fire, but he is still lost in his own agony as well.

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