The Faerie Realm

The Faerie Realm is an echo of the material world. A beautiful, vibrant world, it is from here that the fey originated. Arcane magic runs free and powerful in the Faerie Realm, the reason so many of its inhabitants and their descendants are magically gifted.

The Faerie Realm is a wild, green echo of the mortal world—geographically similar, but not identical.

The elves, sprites, and goblins are descended from natives of the Faerie Realm, and remnants of their culture still mark the landscape. Some elves maintain ancient kingdoms, citadels, and other communities within the Faerie Realm.


  • Spells that deal with change are less predictable (Intelligence (Arcane) DC 15).
  • Arcane spells are enhanced (Intelligence (Arcane) DC 15).
  • Speak with Animals is always in effect (Intelligence (Arcane) DC 18).

Forest of Dreams. The Forest of Dreams is an enchanted region which overlaps the mortal world and the Faerie Realm.

Magic Flows.

Waking Wood. There are many paths into the Faerie Realm within the Waking Wood, however, those elsewhere in Montega have been sealed. Magic is a natural part of the mortal world, however, the flow of too much magic in a single location has devastating effects on the ecology.

Golden Lands. The Golden Lands are the most pristine and lovely regions of the Faerie Realm, where unicorns and sacred creatures dwell in radiant forests and shining palaces.


While many of those living in Faerie were untamed, large numbers also congregated according to race or by political allegiance.

The seelie are good fey, and serve the Fey Queen within her royal court. The unseelie are rebellious fey—often goblins—and while they congregate together, they heed no authority. Fomorians rule many dark regions of the Faerie Realm. Hags are a malicious and varied race of fey that delight in tormenting mortals. Fairies are a tiny race of fey with the ability to tell if a creature was good or evil by the sound and feel of the beating of its heart. Satyrs are raucous fey known to endulge themselves in revelry. Centaurs are noble warriors and protectors of the Faerie Realm.

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