Flora & Fauna

Dargaulian Skull Crawler

(monstrous centipede, small)
These are found, rarely, as far north as Coldune in the west and Rockport in the east. They become more common as you approach the Ragnar Mountains. The female (60% of those encountered) has no poison, but attempts to lay eggs in a living host. She has the Improved Grab feat which she uses to latch on with her legs and mandibles. She injects 1d4 larva per round for 1d4 rounds, then, on the following round, attempts to flee. The larva release a numbing agent, keeping the host unaware. The larva immediately begin burrowing to the brain (which takes 1d6 hours). Once they reach the brain, they begin feeding. The feeding costs the host 1 point of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Constitution per day, to a maximum equal to the original number of larva. The host begins to show symptoms 1d4 hours after the larva reach the brain. His eyes become noticeably sunken and his face breaks out in red blotches. These symptoms are recognized by any Dargaulian, and others may make a Knowledge (Nature) check (DC 10 if from a neighboring region, DC 20 if not). If the infestation goes on until the feeding ends, half-sized skull crawlers burrow their way out through the path of least resistance (eyes, ears, nose, or mouth). The host must make a Fort save (DC 20) or die. Otherwise, he takes 3d4 damage per skull crawler. The DM rolls randomly to see which exit each skull crawler takes.

1d6 Result Exit Location Fort Save Result of Failure
1 right ear 21 Disadvantage of hearing-based Wisdom (Perception) checks
2 left ear 21 Disadvantage of hearing-based Wisdom (Perception) checks
3 right eye 21 Disadvantage of vision-based Wisdom (Perception) checks
4 left eye 21 Disadvantage of vision-based Wisdom (Perception) checks
5 nose 18 Lose sense of smell
6 mouth 15 Lose ability to speak

Remove disease destroys the infestation, and Restoration can heal the lost ability scores.

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