God's Wall

This range of mountains is the highest in the world. It was through these mountains that Sothis led her people, the Marianites, into the Land of Promise.

Since that time, five-hundred years ago, none are known to have ventured back into theold lands and returned.

God's Wall makes up the eastern edge of Nordania, Galdor, Baridor, and Dargaul. The descriptions of each of these lands explains the regions where God's Wall touches these lands. Beyond what any of them can claim there is still much.

Mountains and Valleys

The Celestial Knights
Giant eagles

The Land Beneath

The Path of Fire: This is a series of tunnels and caverns ruled by a Salamander Lord. He has a pet Pyrohydra, fire elementals, and fire mephits. Part of the way is a long, narrow bridge over a lake of lava.
Spiderland: A vast expanse of corridors is filled with webs and giants spiders.
Lost Deep: The corridors open into a lost land populated by dinosaurs and prehistoric people.
Dwarven Delvings: There are many dwarven delvings beneath God's Wall.

Monstrous spiders
Dwarves, mountain
Elementals, fire
Human, savage

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