The northern region of Nordan was once populated by sparse, feuding clans. In the year 287, the Chieftain Thoringal and his warband began uniting the disparate clans under one banner and established the kingdom of Nordania in 299.

Government: Monarchy
Populace: Human 62%, Hill Dwarf 17%, Baask 7%, Sylvan Elves 4%, Other 10%
National Alignment. Neutral Good
Affiliation: Realms of Sothis
Capital: Council Bluff
Major Cities: Arbourest, Castle Lochland
Climate & Terrain: Temperate forest, hill, and mountain with some urban
Primary Languages: Cathian, Montegan, Faerie
Demonym: Montegan

Points of Interest: The Lake of Drya's Blood, Lochland High, the River Rose, New Timber, Wee River Canyon, Broken Eidolon, Dragon's Dale, Cillian's Rest, West Bank, Woodkeep, Treewalker Village
Unusual Flora: Ecota tree, Nisoli tree
Unusual Fauna:
Notable People:
Exports: Timber


The Lake of Drya's Blood (Aerial)
The Lake of Drya's Blood (Hex Map)
Arbourest & the Waking Wood


While the forests of Montega are filled with all manner of conifer and everygree tree, there are a few unique to the region. The nisoli tree is a giant hardwood with low branches that grow into domes of vibrant green that turn golden in the fall. Montegans have long used them as homes, though there are few who still do so. Ecota of "bronze-wood" trees are rather small with incredibly dense wood the color of bronze and nearly as strong. They bloom with white flowers in the spring that yellow within a few weeks.

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