Raine Bloodoath

Raine is the daughter of Lord Bloodoath of Dargaul. Her father has had her trained in the use of magic so that she will be fit to replace him.

After being engaged to the prince of Dargaul and the coup of the Priesthood of the Dragon King, Lord Bloodstone kidnapped the prince and hid him.

Aurias convinced her to leave, and that there was more to her past than she assumed due to her not appearing to be Dargaulian.

With help from Kalen Blacklance, son of another dark lord, they travel north to Baridor. Raine and Aurias eventually reach Dragon's Dale.


queen, the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne, royal rule or authority, sovereignty, dominating power or influence, the reign of law, to have control, rule or influence of any kind, to predominate, be prevalent, be larger in number, quantity, power, status, or importance. [Origin: 1225–75; (n.) ME reine, regne < OF reigne < L régnum realm, reign, deriv. of rég- (s. of réx) king; (v.) ME reinen, regnen < OF reignier < L régna-re, deriv. of régnum]

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