Slate Soulforge

He left his home on a quest to make a double bladed dragon slaying axe. Issues with his people. They had a forge that was able to make magic stuff, but it was part of their history and had been lost. His clan had dwindled in importance because of it’s loss and he wanted to restore them. He went to find the forge. He hasn’t found it yet. He is an experienced warrior, just from his journey from the other side of the Plains of Thanon. Sort of an outcast from his people because he believes in something nobody else does – the Soulforge.
Slate’s great-great-grandfather was there when Barid slew the DragonKing.
Slate is an easy-going dwarf. He tolerates Medlin.


rock - clay, shale etc., easily split, dark dull bluish gray, to censure or criticize harshly, punish severely. [Origin: 1300–50; ME sclate < MF esclate, fem. of esclat piece split off; see slat1]


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