The Church of Gaul

The religious hierarchy of Dargaul places the Church of Gaul at the top. While these priests have no supernatural power, they are powerful influencers of noble birth.

They exist alongside the Sects of the Dark Consortium and have political power over them.

The Church of Gaul reveres its founder and perceives him as having ascended in death. They offer him prayers, build temples in his name, and mark the feasts and holidays that he and his descendants established.

The Church of Gaul

Order Alignment. Lawful Evil
Follower Alignment. Any non-Good
Leader. The High Priest of Gaul
Symbol. A crown on a vague figure.

The church has a fixed hierarchy of priests, chief priests, and a single high priest, all drawn from the noble houses of Marianite descent. While most priests do not have a class, being simple NPCs, a priest may be of any class with the exception of cleric and druid. Those who have spells are not granted those spells by Gaul.

The most common classes is rogue, particularly assassins, inquisitives, and masterminds, though arcane tricksters are certainly among their numbers.

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